Jul 25

July 22nd Rainout Make-Up Information: Sport Mods to Run Friday July 28th

(Peebles, OH) After Completing all but one Legend Car Heat Race on July 22nd before the rains came, Officials at the Brushcreek Motorsports Complex have make the decision to make up the remainder of the show at Later Dates. Sport Mods will run their Feature event this FRIDAY July 28th with the 3rd Annual Late Model Barn Burner while Modifieds and Legend Cars will run the remainder of their shows before the regularly scheduled program on Saturday August 5th. Below is all the details for the make up events in each class:


Sport Mods will run their Feature Event after Hot Laps on Friday July 28th Before Late Model Qualifying. The Event will still pay regular Pay and Points however it will now be a 10 Lap Feature Event.


Each will conclude their program on Saturday August 5th with Hot Laps for the Modified Feature beginning at 5:00 PM. The Legend Cars will then run their 3rd and Final Heat from July 22nd, Modifieds will run their 20 Lap Feature and Legend Cars will run their 15 Lap Feature.

Following the Make-Up Program, if needed, there will be a break in the action with the August 5th Show Drivers Meeting being at 6:30 PM and Hot Laps/Group Qualifying beginning at 7:00 PM


Fans can keep their tickets to be used at either the August 5th or August 19th Programs.


With Each Make-Up night having another complete show afterwards, there is no need to save Pit Passes from July 22nd, you will only be charged once for the Regularly Scheduled show and will not be charged for the show we started on July 22nd.


NO Additional cars can be added to the July 22nd event, All Classes are CLOSED and only cars in attendance on July 22nd can run those Make-Up Feature events


5:00 PM
Modified Feature Cars Hot Lap
Legend Car July 22nd Heat Race #3 – 8 Laps
Modified July 22nd Feature – 20 Laps
Legend Car July 22nd Feature – 15 Laps

6:30 PM
Drivers Meeting for Regularly Scheduled Show

7:00 PM
Hot Laps:
Sport Mods – 4 Laps
Modifieds – 4 Laps
Legend Cars – 4 Laps

Heat Races:
Sport Mods – 8 Laps
Modifieds – 8 Laps
Legend Cars – 8 laps

B-Mains (If Needed):
Sport Mods – 10 Laps
Modifieds – 10 Laps
Legend Cars Р10 Laps

Sport Mods – 15 Laps
Modifieds – 20 Laps
Legend Cars – 15 Laps


Jul 05

Record Numbers Highlight 17th #Firestorm Success at Brushcreek

(Peebles, OH) On Monday Night, the Brushcreek Motorsports Complex hosted their 17th edition of the annual Firestorm. The Firestorm is a racing and fireworks event in which fans from all over travel to see the only Dueling Fireworks show around! The crowd in attendance was a RECORD Firestorm attendance as were car counts in all classes including the 84 Enduro cars that were signed in! Folks from far and wide traveled to the event that has turned tradition, waited in line to get in, enjoyed live music, racing and another spectacular Fireworks event.

Sport Mods showcased a record 40 Cars in attendance for the event which meant the field had to be split up into Even and Odd feature events based on their Pill Draw order. The First Feature event was Won by Chris Shelton SR picked up the win in the first Feature event with Chase Hunley winning the second event. Modifieds set a Firestorm record with 29 Entries. Cody Hunley and Michael Howard battled all night long and it came down to a few feet at the line with Hunley pulling an unbelievable comeback to win.

Legend Cars Set a Track and Series Car Count Record with 21 Entries. Derek Minshew would master all 21 Entries and go on to win in front of the huge crowd. 84 Enduro Cars also signed in for the final event of the night, this was yet again a new Track Car Count Record! Chris Comer bested 84 of the toughest drivers and cars around to win the $500 top prize!

New Record Attendances we greatly received by track management as plans are already in the works for the 2018 Event on Tuesday July 3rd! “More Gate Lines, More Concessions and More Fun is already in the works for 2018” Says Promoter Steven Partin “We loved seeing everyone here and cant wait to host everyone again on Tuesday July 3rd, 2018”.

The Brushcreek Motorsports Complex is back in action Saturday July 15th with a regular racing program. Also mark your calendars for Friday July 28th as the Super Late Models return for the $3,000 to win Late Model Barn Burner! The best Late Model drivers in the area will battle for $3,000 to win and Bragging rights of being the next Late Model Barn Burner Champion!

For more information and see the schedule of events for 2017, Check out brushcreekmotorsports.com or find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/BrushcreekMotorsports and on Twitter by following @BMCupdates

Jul 02

What You Need to Know: 17th Annual #FIRESTORM

(Peebles, OH) The #Firestorm has quickly turned into one of the most anticipated events in Ohio with patrons coming from all walks of life to enjoy a night of Music, Racing and the best Fireworks around! Below is all the info you need to know when it comes to start times and prices! We have a crew dedicated to our social media and answering your questions as the come through it! Make Sure to find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/BrushcreekMotorsports and on Twitter by checking the Embedded feed below! We will update all day on Social Media and remember to get here EARLY! Places to Park fill up FAST!

17th Annual #FIRESTORM

Schedule of Events


Pit Gates Open at 4:00 PM ($30 All Ages)

General Admission Opens at 5:00 PM ($15 Adults, Kids 12 and Under FREE)

Hotrod and the Fastlane LIVE in front Parking Lot from 5:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Driver Registration Ends at 6:15 PM

Drivers Meeting at 6:30 PM

Hot Laps/Group Qualifying at 7:00 PM

$10 Parking Fee Begins – 7:00 PM (Credited Back Upon Entry Through the Gates)

Racing Halts at 9:00 PM

2016 Champion Presentation Ceremony at 9:15 PM

17th Annaul #FIRESTORM Fireworks Begins at 10:00 PM


Hot Laps/Group Qualifying:

Sport Mods – 4 Laps

Modifieds – 4 Laps

Legend Cars – 4 Laps


B-Mains (If Needed):

*Qualifiers 16 and Back will run the B-Main if less than 36 Cars, If More Two Features will be run*

Sport Mods – 10 Laps

Modifieds – 10 Laps

Legend Cars – 10 Laps



*If More than 18 Cars, Top 15 Qualifiers are locked into the A-Main as well as the Top 3 finishers in the B-Main. If 18 or Less, all cars transfer to the A-Main through Qualifying*

Sport Mods – 20 Laps or 30 Mins

Modifieds – 25 Laps or 37 Mins

Legend Cars – 20 Laps or 30 Mins


100 Lap Enduro Will Conclude the Night after the Fireworks!



Jun 10

Race Day Info: OVSCA Sprint Cars June 10th, 2017

OVSCA 410 Sprint Cars

June 10th, 2017


Pit Gates Open at 4:00 PM ($30 All Ages)

General Admission Opens at 5:00 PM ($15 Adults, Kids 12 and Under FREE)

Sign In Ends at 6:15 PM

Drivers Meeting at 6:30 PM

Fire Sprint Engines at 6:50 PM

Hot Laps/ Group Qualifying at 7:00 PM


Methanol Sales will be provided by Oilworks, LLC



Running Order:


Fire Sprint Engines


Hot Laps/Group Qualifying:

Sport Mods – 4 Laps

Sprint Cars – 4 Laps

Modifieds – 4 Laps

Legend Cars – 4 Laps



Sprint Cars – 1 Car 1 Lap


Heat Races:

Sport Mods – 8 Laps

Sprint Cars – 10 Laps

Modifieds – 8 Laps

Legends Cars – 8 laps


B-Mains (If Needed):

Sport Mods – 10 Laps

Sprint Cars – 12 Laps

Modifieds – 10 Laps

Legend Cars – 10 Laps



Sport Mods – 15 Laps or 22 Minutes

Sprint Cars – 25 Laps

Modifieds – 20 Laps or 30 Minutes

Legend Cars – 15 Laps or 22 Minutes

May 20

Race Day Updates: May 20th, 2017

Stay Updated all day on our twitter account below as we go through race day! Don’t Miss a thing!

May 14

Jamison, Richmond and Minshew Show Strength in Second Race of Season

(Peebles, OH) Saturday night was the second points racing event of the 2017 season at the Brushcreek Motorsports Complex, Graphic Creations Pole Shuffle Night. Beautiful weather brought blue skies and drivers ready to attack the track. A record count of Sport Mod racers set the new bar at 27 Cars as the Sport Mods were the highest count of the night. 20 Modifieds and 17 Legend Cars also hit the speedway all vouching for a win early in the season.

The Sport Mod division worked its way through three heat races with Derek Richmond, William Baldridge and Emily Jordan picking up heat race victories. BJ Branham won the B-Main just before the feature event. At the drop of the green flag it was a Jordan family outing with Luke Jordan leading Emily early in the 15 Lap race. Soon Luke would have trouble under a caution flag relegating the lead over to Emily who had Derek Richmond hot on her heels. Richmond put his #34 car to the inside of the track and cleared Jordan around the halfway point in the event. Richmond never looked back on his way to his first victory at Brushcreek in 2017. Rounding out the top 5 was Emily Jordan, William Baldridge, Bill Sammons and Chris Shelton, JR.

The Modified class feature a classic rivalry once again between Season Opener winner Dave Jamison and Modified hot shoe Jeremy Rayburn. Rayburn and Jamison both fought hard in the closing stages of the season opener and were looking to do so again on Saturday. Dave Jamison and Dave Warnock occupied the front row after being the two best in the bracket style Pole Shuffle presented by Graphic Creations. Once the green flew Jeremy Rayburn quickly followed leader Dave Jamison into the second spot. Rayburn worked high and low throughout the race which was stopped completely once when Tyler Allison flipped his car on the front stretch. As the laps wound down Rayburn found himself back to his starting position of 3rd when Dave Warnock got back around him for second. Dave Jamison picked up another win and the $200 Pay+ Program Bonus. Next week Jamison’s bonus will be $400 and anyone who can beat him will get his Bonus! Round out the top 5 in Saturday’s Feature event were Dave Warnock, Jeremy Rayburn, Aaron Pendleton and Jeremy Akers.

The Legend Cars were the final cars of the night to take to the track. John Gutman and Derek Minshew shared heat race wins earlier in the night and also qualified for the front row via the Pole Shuffle. Once the green flag flew Gutman had his hands full keeping up with the Adams County Heating and Cooling #91 of Derek Minshew. Minshew could not completely pull ahead however maintained a steady lead on the #7 of Gutman. As they came down Derek Minshew would hold on for 15 Laps to take the feature win. Rounding out the top 5 were John Gutman, Shaun Scott, Tom Partin and Cole DeMint (From the tail).

The Brushcreek Motorsports Complex is back in action this Saturday Night with the Heritage Unlimited Saturday Night Showdown featuring the Modifieds, Sport Mods, Legend Cars and a Team Enduro! For more information visit www.brushcreekmotorsports.com, find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/BrushcreekMotorsports and on Twitter by following @BMCupdates