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Pay+ Program Procedures

Pay+ Program 2017


The Pay+ Program is an exciting way to reward a repeat winner and also the driver who takes them off their streak! The Pay+ Program pays a $200/Week Bonus to the Driver who is on a Winning Streak in the Modified Division. Each week the driver continues to win, he/she will get the Bonus Plus his regular pay, then the Bonus is Doubled the Next week! However, should someone beat him/her, that driver would get the bonus and would reset the next race. Below is how the program works:

  • The Pay+ Bonus begins when the driver wins his/her 2nd Race in a row.
  • The First Repeat win for the driver will earn them a $200 Bonus
  • The Following week, The Bonus raised to $400, then to $600, $800, $1,000 etc. until the driver is beaten.
  • The driver that steals the win away, will receive the posted bonus for the night and the Bonus will be reset the following week.
  • To “Beat” the Streak Driver, he/she must be in attendance with full intention to race, otherwise the bonus will not be offered and will be reset.